My Story

I have been practicing massage therapy since 2009 after graduating from Advanced Massage Therapeutics. I specialize in deep tissue, personal injury, and prenatal care.

My passion for natural healing was solidified when I was able to manage chronic pain and skin conditions that had effected me since I was a child. I believe that wellness lives in an active pursuit of a conscious mind, balanced body, and intention. More than anything else,  I know that is not always easy.

My approach to wellness takes a look at your body and your habits as a whole. I can show you where your imbalances lie, and how to reverse them. With a modern lifestyle, it is easy to overlook simple things that can build up over time and become a greater (and some times chronic) problem. My goal is to give you a new perspective on how to achieve relief.

Feel free to contact me with any questions! I am happy to help.



Located at 1711 Bardstown Rd, my studio is on the main floor of a building that hosts psychoanalysts and body workers.

The only access to the main floor is up a small flight of steps with iron rails located on the cross street of Murray Avenue.

Of The Valley Wellness is located in Suite 103, which is on your immediate right when you enter.

I am happy to accommodate any accessibility concerns. In-home massage is also available for anyone who can not access this space, for no extra charge. 


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