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About Us

White Sand and Stone

    JORDEN has been practicing massage therapy since 2009 after graduating from Advanced Massage Therapeutics. She specializes in deep tissue, personal injury, and prenatal care.

    Her passion for natural healing was solidified when she was able to manage chronic pain and skin conditions that had effected her since she was a child. She believe that wellness lives in an active pursuit of a conscious mind, balanced body, and intention. More than anything else,  she knows that it is not always easy.

    Her years of experience reversing muscle pain showed her that it is just as important to build strength in the weak muscle as it is to relax the tight muscle in order to achieve lasting results. This lead her to seek her certification in personal training so that she can pass this on to her clients. 

    Jorden is also a practicing birth doula for Bluegrass Doulas and lends this training and all her skills to provide exceptional prenatal massage care.

    Her approach to wellness takes a look at your body and your habits as a whole. She can show you where your imbalances lie, and how to reverse them. With a modern lifestyle, it is easy to overlook simple things that can build up over time and become a greater (and some times chronic) problem. Her goal is to give you a new perspective on how to achieve relief.

jorden duvall massage doula

    SHAWN is a NASM certified personal trainer specializing in resistance training and mobility. His goal with his clients is to help them experience general well-being by gaining strength to balance out the every day hardships on the body.
  His passion for helping families achieve wellness in their home was first sparked the moment he found out his wife was pregnant. His sense of duty to the health and safety of his family motivated him to make better choices for his body so that he may then be the partner and father that his family deserves. 
  He now carries out that journey by educating people seeking a better life for themselves, and more complete harmony in their household. Shawn believes that in order to do great things for this world, you must start at home. 

    He is the only certified Animal Flow instructor in the state of Kentucky. He hosts online and in person workshops for multiple levels that target mobility in a fun and approachable way.

    Shawn has a fascination with human potential and a keen understanding of what gets in the way of our ability to experience a better life. He strives to maintain accessible and approachable programming with his clients and has a talent for exceptional communication.
  His personal goal is to always be able to throw his daughters up in the air, no matter how big they get. 

shawn duvall personal trainer ky kentucky louisville


Located at 1711 Bardstown Rd, our studio is on the main floor of a building that hosts psychoanalysts and body workers.

The only access to the main floor is up a small flight of steps with iron rails located on the cross street of Murray Avenue.


Of The Valley Wellness is located in Suite 101, which is on your immediate left when you enter.

We are happy to accommodate any accessibility concerns. In-home massage is also available for anyone who can not access this space, for no extra charge. 

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