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White Sand and Stone

Find Balance.

Build Strength.

Cultivate Life.

Well balanced, for your well-being.

Chloe H.

Jorden's body work skills are incredible. She figured out why I was having shoulder pain and range of motion issues and has methodically worked for weeks with me to alleviate the problem. She listens well, can easily identify problem areas, and actively works to lessen the strain that stress leaves in those areas. She's a master!

James D.

Shawn understands that life is already full of hardships and that to some people, adding an exercise routine is the last thing they want to do. He respects where you are coming from, where you are at, and also keeps you motivated. Shawn has a lot of skill in keeping you focused and helped remind me that my goal is to be strong and healthy for my family. He helped me do just that.

Linda F.

Jorden was very professional. Discussed my medical issues and needs prior to the start of the session. I appreciate this. She has a good knowledge of body mechanics which made for a great massage.
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